The Gourmet Kitchen


The Gourmet Kitchen

We are a catering company that delivers honest and wholesome cooking to clients across Ireland. We strive to showcase the best seasonal Irish ingredients available in such a way as to maintain their integrity whilst enhancing their flavour. Our team of chefs have been operating the company for 10 years at various events and venues […]


Cocobrew was started when Tony left Australia and returned home to Ireland. He left the fitness industry behind to follow his passion of coffee. Coffee is not just a beverage for Tony, but rather a part of most people’s daily ritual. We often laugh, cry, share our lives over a cup of coffee. It’s this […]

The Vintage Parlour

The Vintage Parlour started off as a very small idea of been able to go to festivals and shows while traveling the country. It rapidly grew to something we only dreamt of and became an unexpected business which never feels like a job. The enjoyment and satisfaction of hearing amazing reviews makes it so satisfying. […]